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Koasek Abenaki Regalia Seminar
West Fairlee Community Center, Vermont
15 - 17 March 2013

This seminar turned out to be a great success and everyone who attended walked away with new knowledge of our heritage, customs, and regalia thanks to tribal member, Dr. Lori Lambert from Montana. During this three-day seminar, Dr. Lori immersed us in the finest details of regalia-making.

For example, we now understand the colors of the Four Directions . . . yellow for the east, red for the west, white for the north, and black for the south; we learned how to bead medallions, place beading on cloth, and how to make beaded powwow earrings.

We were taught how to make a chapeau (traditional woman's headdress), leggings, dance aprons, shawls, headdresses, and moccasins. We were taught how to tie feathers.

When we left the seminar, we had not only made beautiful regalia to wear at our next powwow; but, we left recognizing that we now have stronger bonds with each other- something that our ancestors had as a result of living in a community environment.

Please enjoy the pictures of those of us who attended the seminar either making or showing off our new regalia.

Hannah learning to bead. Feather tie - used to attach to other items
Learning to sew baby moccasins. Fran sewing (and sewing and sewing!)
Joanne Dreaminghorse with her baby moccasin. Francine Bluewolfspirit wearing her new chapeau.
Chief Nate in his new regalia. Close-up of Chief Nate's apron and leggings.
Chief Paul in his new regalia. Tim in his new regalia.
Making Chief Paul's headdress. Hannah with her new headdress.
Dr. Lori teaching about feathers. Chief Paul helping his grandson, Tim.
Chief Paul in his headdress and showing off his new medallion made by Dr. Lori. Fran with her new chapeau and matching skirt - the beautiful skirt was made by Dr. Lori.

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