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Headquarters Address

Chief Paul J. Bunnell
32 Hoit Mill Rd, #202
Weare, NH 03281 


Leadership List


Paul Bunnell

Weare, NH

Tribal Council

Sandra McGrath

Rev. Renny Azotea

Jeannine Dwyer

Denise DeMello

Nicole Mardin

Patrick Michaud

Jim Haskins

Hickman, Kentucky

Berlin, Vermont

Lakeview, Oregon

Fall River, MA

Ludlow, VT

Preston, CT

Hopkinton, MA


Elders Council

Karen Mica, Senior

Dan Osgood Sr

Ruth Descoteaux

Melrose, FL 032666

Thornton, NH 03285

Barnet, Vermont


Enrollment and Genealogy

Chief Paul J. Bunnell


Weare, NH 03281