2015 Snow Snake Games

8th Annual Snow Snake Games

On March 1st 2015 we had our 8th Annual Snow Snake Games. This year, we were honouring the Nolka Clan Chief, Jim Pero.

We also had our annual Council and Tribal members meeting. It was held at Council Member, Melanie French, school at 35 Five Corners Rd, Thetford Center, Vermont.

Many tribal members and friends came out for the games, council and tribal meeting along with a photographer for Scholastic Magazine, Brett Simison. His assignment was to capture our snow snake games on film and interview Hannah Bunnell, Chief Paul Bunnell's granddaughter, on her part in the games for the magazine including taking photos of her basket making, leather work, and her construction of her snow snake.

The food was fantastic and traditional Abenaki. It was great that the Nolka Clan Chief, Jim Pero, was able to attend the games, held in his honour this year. Though the wind was minimal, we still froze our ears, nose and fingers but winning the bottles of Maple Syrup was worth it all. Below are some photos from the games and gathering and you can see a few more on our Facebook page.

Our thanks go out to our host Melanie French, and to Chief Nathan and his son Jared for building the run; and to Brett Simison, photographer, and the Scholastic Magazine for showing great interest in our cultural games.

This event was a great one; many Koasek cousins came out to attend our annual meeting, have a wonderful lunch and participate in the exciting Snow Snake Games, with plenty of snow this year.

Thanks to Chief Nathan Pero, several winners walked away with Maple Syrup.

The following photos are the snow snake games and our freezing fun !



Lunch Time !



Getting Ready ! The Snow Snake Run Everyone waits their turn !

2015 Snow Snake Games



See you All Next Year...!